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the Arsenic releases ::..

on the amiga i was only responsible gfx in very few releases. they were all done under the "Arsenic" label.

i was part of the amiga-scene for just one year, but i hat a maximum of fun at that time. too sad that the amiga-scene is nearly dead these days.
to fill up the site a little i put 8 screenshots of our demo "fear factory" here. so dont think its so many demos... its just one ;-)

download the arsenic releases by klicking here! KLICK here to download all the Arsenic releases as a .ZIP file! download all the arsenic releases by clicking here

to run the files you will need an emulator. so if you dont have an emulator yet - just download one please. you can get one of them here: Win UAE.

deathgreedy demo - xx.12.1996 no screenshot avaliable
silicon-vention party invitation demo - xx.02.1997 silicon vention party invitation
fear factory demo - march 1997 fear factory screenshot 1
fear factory screenshot 2
fear factory screenshot 3
fear factory screenshot 4
fear factory screenshot 5
fear factory screenshot 6
fear factory screenshot 7
fear factory screenshot 8

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