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founders of arsenic on the amiga - back in 1996
get ready for some short info about me (i am the guy in the middle of the photo btw.)

i think it was 1985 when i got in touch with homecomputers for the first time - when i was visiting a friend of mine who had a very cool Atari 800XL. we were playing games like "moon-patrol" alot.

im not sure if it was 1986, but i think the same friend who had the Atari 800XL got a Commodore 128 and we started playing games like "Winter Games" - "H.E.R.O." and lots of others. that was the time when i was sure i need my very own computer to spend the rest of my life playing games ;-)

1986 i got my first computer, a Commodore 128D at x-mas (a present of my parents...) well - they told me i wouldnt get that c-128d if i dont learn how to type on a keyboard with 10 fingers. guess what... it took me around 3 weeks to learn that. i spent lots of hours every day on learning it because the c-128 was a "must have" to me.

with that c-128 i got my first discs with cracked (sorry to say that) games from my mother who was a teacher in a school. she asked some students if they could give her a few games for her son (cool mum i say.)

the first months i spent playing games whenever i came out of school and had time which made my father angry - but i didnt really care. later in 1987 i started coding a little bit in basic it didnt take me much time to notice basic sucks for doing demo-like stuff (i was very impressed of some cracker-intros that time). and i was too dumb to learn some assembler.

so in 1989 i started to do some ugly pixel-graphics (logos) and sent them to someone from the demogroup Texiax 2022... They let me join and i started my active time in the demoscene besides that i bought my first Commodore Amiga 500 and enjoyed playing games in a better resolution and with more colours. wow... that was great ;-) --- but i was still concentrating on the c-64 the most. (omg to be honest im not sure if i bought that amiga in 1988 or 1989)

well... no more about my history in the demoscene, because theres a special chapter for that on this website.

after a few years in the c64 demoscene - i think it maybe was 1993 - i left it for a few reasons. mainly because i had a girlfriend and was demotivated for some other reasons too. maybe another small reason was that my last group Oxyron got really successful and we were climbing the charts really fast. somehow that was no fun to me because its much more motivating to try being on top than being on top for real ;-) i hope you understand what im trying to say (if not - blame my lame english)

sometimes i regret that step a little bit :-(

some years later (i think it was 1995) two friends (axis and ikari) were sitting at axis's place - talking about the golden days in the c64 scene - and decided to form a small group. this time it was on the amiga and it was called Arsenic. We were producing demos for around 1 year i think. and so i was back in the demoscene (this time the amiga demoscene)

in 1997 i stopped my scene activitys again. i dont really know why i lost interest again... maybe because i never had as many scene-friends on the amiga that i had on the c64. the internet came up strongly and i missed the good old times when i had to put a 5 1/4" disk into the envelope and send it by normal mail to all my contacts. yeah im a retrofreak lol.

after like 2 years of not doing anything on any computer i bought my first PC with a modem and started doing some private homepages for fun. later on i tried doing some demo-like stuff in flash but never released anything

im still doing webdesign for fun (as you can see im not a real professional designer)... beside that i started doing small retro-style games in 2005. nothing got released yet because of a harddisk-crash i had a few days ago. shortly before i could finish two of those games. that really pisses me off a little.
im playing around with some tracker programs and sequencers too to make some music. im not really good at it but i guess its the fun that counts. i think im going to release some of that games and musix on this website when done (yea that hdd-crash killed my selfmade tunes too so stay tuned until i make some new ones.)

that was my personal "computer-history" --- maybe im going to add some more details someday when im in the right mood.

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