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founders of arsenic on the amiga - back in 1996
the Arsenic history ::..

in the year 1996 (i think it was autumn 96) three ppl met at axis's home. they were Axis, Yazoo and IKARI... except for axis no one of us was active in the scene anymore. i (yazoo) had quit the c64 scene in 1993 and took a break of around 3 years.
IKARI told us he was a former member of the very wellknown crackergroup IKARI in the middle of the 80's. thats why he picked IKARI as his handle. but to be honest - axis and me dont really believe he was in that group at all. who cares...
when we were bored a little we started talking about the golden days when we were active part of the scene, and how much fun that was. since axis was part of the amiga-section of oxyron, and we all had an amiga at home, we decided to form a very small demogroup on the amiga 1200. and so we did... i dont really remember how we got the name "arsenic" in mind. maybe we did it as usual and just picked a nice-sounding name out of a dictionary, but im not sure about that.
i was supposed to be the gfx-man, axis the coder and ikari was planned to do the musics for us since he told us he would be very good at that.

we started working hard to release our first demo "deathgreedy" at TP 1996 (THE PARTY which was always held in denmark between x-mas and newyearsday.) when we arrived at the partyplace we only had like 75% of the demo ready, and the music was completely missing... so we didnt see much of the party and didnt sleep much at all because we had to finish the demo before the deadline came up. i think axis and me were sleeping like 2 hours the whole weekend lol. and i remember it was very very cold in that hall.
ikari was sitting there complaining about not having any sleep and some other things... beside that he did absolutely nothing - especially not the music we needed to finish our demo. i think we asked a guy called no-xs who agreed to give us a few tunes. since we were in such a hurry finishing the demo - the design was ugly... but we made it... well the demo was finished like 30 mins after the deadline, but the organizers agreed to let us take part at the competition.

i think at the end we earned the 9th place at the compo or something like that - but that was ok because of my ugly graphics and the lame design.
btw the photo above shows (from left to right side) ikari, yazoo and axis. and was done at a local photo-automat at "hertie" - a big store in flensburg. the photo was part of the demo deathgreedy.

when we were driving home - graham of oxyron still had some danish money he didnt want to take home to germany. so he bought like 10 hamburgers at a danish mc-donalds restaurant and game them to axis and me if i remember that right. well that was very nice, but i think one day later when i was at home - i heard in the radio that ppl shouldnt eat hamburgers at danish mc-donalds for some reasons (bacterias or something like that - im not sure.)
great i thought... and one day later everyone of us who ate that damn burgers was ill... heh...

when we were fit again we kicked out IKARI at first cause he never did anything at all - and started working on our 2nd demo which was called "fear factory".
in early 1997 we met a guy called "DOCD" in a local internet-cafe and he seemed to be interested in joining forces with us. so he did... from that time he was our man for every kind of internet-stuff since axis and me didnt have any internet at home.

some time later we met a guy called shylock who was a musician. i dont remember how or where we met him but i guess that doesnt matter too much ;-)
in spring (easter 1997) we took a visit at the Mekka & Symposium party in fallingbostel/ germany (that party is renamed into "Breakpoint" now - held in bingen/ germany) where we released fear factory and became 2nd at the amiga-compo beating groups like essence, drifters and many more... that felt really good ;-) just two more votes for us and we would have been the winner of the compo - but shit happens (some of our friends were sleeping when it was voting-time, just to make clear how close we were to win the compo.) but the 2nd place was very fine, so close to the no.1 demo from artwork.

at first we planned to release the demo at the "silicon-vention" party in delmenhorst near bremen. but when we noticed there was only one more serious amiga demo we decided to change the party places to have a good competition with other good amiga-groups.
btw we also did the amiga party-invitation for the siliconvention party cause it was held by some friends of us. too bad they didnt pick another weekend for their party.

well thats it... around one year after we formed Arsenic it was dead because i became inactive again. so axis released his parts under the oxyron label... thats the whole story.

being in arsenic was maybe the best time i had in the demoscene at all - because we had a really good teamwork in such a small group. axis had his amiga at my home and came over for coding nearly every day.

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