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the demo group Oxyron ::..

right here i will give you the oxyron history which is originally taken from the oxyron website.
i have modified it a little in a few cases. enjoy reading it... at the end of this site you will find a nearly full oxyron memberlist (maybe a few are missing.)

the history ::..

Back then in 1989 four local dudes met and built up a new group with the name "TIF", but even though they had gathered under a single label they still kept doing demos for their own handles. It took a while until a weekend in spring 1990 (30.3.90 - 1.4.90) where two members of TIF and several members from some other unknown groups met and did a big cooperation megademo together. After this experience the TIF members started to work together and produced two megademos instead of all those small single file demos.

In the meantime a new member (Yazoo) started to take over the leadership of the group and it didn't take long until he and the other members agreed to rename the group into "Gloom" to make a completely new start and get into the real demo scene. The act of renaming the group happend in September 1990 short after the second megademo of TIF was released, but due to TTS' and BOS' activity in demo coding there was already several demos made for release in October and a true release flood started. In spring 1991 Gloom abruptly stopped doing demos and after also the mag "Monthly News" stopped in summer, other people started to declare Gloom dead. Maybe TTS just needed a break, but in October 1991 he started to code like hell again, and with the support of two new coders (Wiz and Mad) Gloom started to improve a lot until the end of 1991.

Somehow the members of Gloom started to feel uncomfortable with the name "Gloom" and again the members gathered to find a new name. It didn't took long and someone came up with the name "Oxyron". Yazoo also took this opportunity to clean up the memberstatus a bit and only the more useful members were taken into Oxyron. Some members renamed themselves (Wiz became Axis and Mad became Graham) and even the old Gloom disk magazine "Monthly News" was renamed into "Pravda".

Now if you thought that Gloom already flooded the scene, Oxyron did it far more. 1992 and 1993 was dominated by Oxyron releases and with every demo the coders improved their skills. TTS also started doing his own disk mag and two other mags (Skyhigh + Addybook) joined in 1993. The mag editor of Skyhigh (Biz Kid) also was doing nice graphics and after a new musician called PRI had joined, Oxyron demos started to have some quality. After these two busy years two main coders of Oxyron (TTS and Axis) got more involved into Amiga coding and C64 activity began to cease. At the Tribute party in November 1994 the two coders released their final C64 demo and left the C64 entirely. Also Biz Kid (the editor of Skyhigh) thought that Oxyron would die, left Oxyron and joined Camelot.

This was the time when Graham took over the entire C64 coding and started to do demos on his own. While TTS and Axis were busy doing Amiga demos in 1995 to 1997, Graham did his own small demos on C64. Another coder called Fuben joined the group and did two demos, but he soon became inactive again. In Autumn 1997 TTS finally got employed as games programmer and also stopped his Amiga activity and in the end of 1998 our last Amiga demo was released. From that point our C64 activity stayed around 1 to 2 demos a year.

TIF initial memberstatus: AKC, Dupre I, Starfox and TTS

Gloom initial memberstatus: AKC, BOS, MOS, Red Baron, SID, TMV, TTS, Yazoo and Zeus

Oxyron initial memberstatus: Andre, AKC, Dave, Ego, Graham, Slide, TTS, Yazoo and perhaps some others which I don't have information about

the memberlist ::..

this memberlist is also taken from Oxyron but i have modified it alot. especially alot of "job" descriptions were missing - so i had to ad them. i still cant guarantee that this is 100% correct, but i did my very best.

members in alphabetical order were:

Name Job Status
AKC code out
Amarok megaswap out
Andre graphic, megaswap, music out
Asmodis graphic, swap out
Axis code active
Biz Kid graphic, Skyhigh, swap out
Cactus Attitude active
Caprix code out
Crosshead swap out
Dante code inactive
Dave music out
Death graphic out
Ego graphic out
Fanta music active
Fuben code out
Graham code active
Kirk graphic, swap out
Machine Addybook, megaswap out
Madness graphic active
No-XS music out
Peace music, code, addybook out
PRI music, swap out
RRR graphic, swap inactive
Scrapper Addybook, swap out
Slide code out
Sodan graphic, swap out
Sony music, swap out
SP code, cracker, swapper out
Starfox music out
Syrincs music out
TCH graphic, code active
TTS code, swap, Scene Obs. inactive
Vangelis code out
Wingo graphic, swap out
Yazoo leader, graphic, swap, Pravda out

Yazoo of ex-Oxyron (C64) and ex-Arsenic (Amiga) - Free hosting for the demoscene schneider media- und webdesign
(c) 2006 by Yazoo
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