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the c64 demo group Gloom ::..

gloom was built out of the ashes of TIF (the incredible fantastics) in september 1990 when i (yazoo) talked to the other members about changing name to totally start from the beginning again and make this group famous.
im not sure why we called the new group "Gloom"... maybe it was like it usually is... take a dictionary and look for a cool name ;-) later on we found out it doesnt sound too good when other ppl complained about the lame groupname. but thats another story.

i actually dont have much time, so theres nothing much to read here right now. but i hope i will be able to update this site with a memberstatus of the old gloom (it died in late 1991) and a short history about the group.
im pretty much sure that i can update this site soon - so plz check back :-) --- meanwhile you can read a few more facts about gloom in the official oxyron history right here!

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