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i visited some computer-scene-partys in the 90's... i searched for some party-reports written by other ppl about those partys. so if you are interested in them, klick one of the following links.
im not really able to write any full party reports on my own anymore because its so long ago :) last time ever i visited a party was the Mekka & Symposium 1999 i think.

maybe im going to visit the Breakpoint party sometime just to see how the demoscene is doing nowadays.

  • tp91, Bonzai Bethlehem 2000 Party

  • Gloom Scheersberg-Party 1991

  • Light + Phenomena Easter Party 1992

  • Brutal & Hurricane Summer Party 1992

  • "Data-Live conference '93" in dessau/ germany

  • "The Party" 1996 in denmark

  • Mekka & Symposium 1997

  • Mekka & Symposium 1999 party report

    i was visitor of a few more partys and meetings (venlo... bocholt...success party) in 1990/ 1991, but i didnt find any good links or forgot in which month i was there.

    Yazoo of ex-Oxyron (C64) and ex-Arsenic (Amiga)
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