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in the year 1998 axis and me decided to do a small game for fun. it was a breakout clone called "GET OUT". we only spent around 2 weeks on doing it, and finally the german paper-mag "amiga special" bought it to have it as a full-version on their magazine-disc.
it was the only game axis and me did together... but some years later - i think it maybe was in the year 2002 i started to learn coding in "blitz basic" to do some games on my own... after i did some work for my first game (name was booze-man, a funny pac man clone where the "booze man" had to drink beer and not eat pills with a burp) i stopped all the work.

in 2005 i decided to start doing games again and had nearly 3 games finished. one space-shooter in 2d, one jump & rund and another action game i cant really describe right now *lol*

but a HDD headcrash killed all my work. i have no copy of that, but be sure i will do more small games for fun and release them on this website. so dont worry but check back soon. i hope i will have the time to do a game soon.

read more about the only game that really was released here.

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