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the gloom releases ::..

heres a list of a few productions we released under the gloom label. some of the gfx/ charsets for gloom were done by me. when i was watching all those old gloom demos i noticed i didnt do too many gfx. maybe i was concentrating much mor on my job as the goup-leader/ organizer. i had in mind i did lots of gfx at that time but i must be wrong. well... maybe they were just too lame *lol*

theres alot of productions missing, but its hard to find them on the net and i have forgotten about alot of demos from that time. if you are looking for more gloom releases check this link!

download the gloom demos and other stuff done by gloom KLICK here to download most of the listed productions as a .ZIP file! download the gloom demos and other stuff done by gloom

to run the files you will need an emulator. so if you dont have an emulator yet - just download one please. you can get one of them here: CCS64. btw i think graham of oxyron did some additional work to the ccs64... good job dude.

click the screenshots to enlarge them.

its time demo - 20.10.1990 its time
society demo - 20.10.1990 society
logo collection demo - 05.12.1990 logo collection
fist demo - 15.12.1990 fist
mood demo - 08.01.1991 mood
unreal day dream demo - 08.02.1991 unreal day dream
one year gloom demo - 20.10.1991 one year gloom celebration demo
party invitation note - xx.11.1991 party invitation for the gloom party
kekstuete demo - 18.11.1991 kekstuete
obscure dreams demo - 05.12.1991 obscure dreams

this is not the full list of gloom demos... its just a list of a few productions i made any kind of stuff for. if you are looking for a (nearly full) list of the gloom productions have a look HERE
or maybe you are seeking for more downloads? click HERE!

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