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i was in a few other groups too - like ROLE (i used the hanlde "Rawhead" at that time...) plus a few other groups that haved used charsets or sprites of mine like Hotline

eventually theres many releases missing - just because i dont really know who used my sprites and who did not.

download the other stuff KLICK here to download most of the listed productions as a .ZIP file! download the other stuff

to run the files you will need an emulator. so if you dont have an emulator yet - just download one please. you can get one of them here: CCS64. btw i think graham of oxyron did some additional work to the ccs64... good job dude.

click the screenshots to enlarge them.

lhynx style - done by Antimon demo - xx.xx.19xx lhynx style by antimon
hip hop - done by Hotline demo - xx.xx.19xx hip hop by hotline
the larch 2 - done by Bones demo - 29.06.1989 the larch 2
megademo 2 - done by T.I.F. demo - xx.08.1990 tif megademo 2

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